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A whiff of her captivating scent sends his heart aflutter. – Unknown

KUALA LUMPUR – The beautiful Parisian scenery has lured and enticed architects, designers, writers and creators of every fashion around the world for centuries. A wondrous sunset cruise down the Seine provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic Parisian rendezvous. Such is the splendorous setting that is the inspiration for the first whiff of romance in the new ENCHANTEUR Paris range of perfumes for the sweet young hearts.

ENCHANTEUR Paris has always been known for its range of unique, long lasting French-inspired Floral Fruity fragrances and body care products for the modern, young and romantic ladies. This new ENCHANTEUR Paris EDT collection is highly anticipated as it is the first range of perfumes created by ENCHANTEUR especially for the younger girls.

The new ENCHANTEUR Paris EDT collection of three enchanting fragrances is elegantly presented in a dainty heart shaped glass bottle which illustrates the first feelings of romance that is so pure and unrepeatable. Gorgeously presented in lovely pastels, the boxes represent the different personalities of young girls experiencing infatuation. The signature heart and crown embellished on the boxes connotes that she is the precious one in his heart due to her charming personality. The ENCHANTEUR Paris Fashionista box depicts the fashionable girl who never leaves home without her handbag, lipstick and accessories to compliment her stunning dress. The ENCHANTEUR Paris Glam says it all as she is the star that shines ever so brightly and stands out from the crowd while the ENCHANTEUR Paris Princesse box interprets a sweet girl who is full of love and the true princess of every guy’s dream.

The media launch themed “The First Whiff of Romance” which was held at Grand Duchess unveiled 3 distinctively enchanting fragrances – ENCHANTEUR Paris Fashionista, ENCHANTEUR Paris Glam and ENCHANTEUR Paris Princesse. Each variant of this fragrance is created to suit the different personalities of young girls.

Speaking at the event, Ms Pan Choi Yen, General Manager of Marketing, Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd said, “In the spirit of the ENCHANTEUR magic, we have created scents for young girls to capture, experience and enjoy their romantic dreams come alive. We take what we do seriously as we have a responsibility to do this blend of art and science well so every girl can be even more captivating in her own special way.”

The launch also saw perfumer Jean-Christophe Arnault from Givaudan, an internationally renowned perfume house, sharing his inspiration in developing the new ENCHANTEUR Paris scents. With over 24 years of experience in perfumery, Monsieur Jean gave a brief insight into his selection of perfume notes to match the different personalities.

“To really capture the character and personality of these girls, I was drawn to many beautiful flowers. As Victor Hugo once said, ‘La vie est une fleur et l’amour est le miel’ (Life is a flower of which love is the honey.) Flowers like Rose and Freesia came to mind right away as they exude beautiful and gentle scents at all its stages of blooms, just like how love slowly blossoms from a little flutter in the heart till it flows into a deep warm and wonderful embrace of the heart,” shared Monsieur Jean.


The ENCHANTEUR PARIS FASHIONISTA is for the fun, trendy and charismatic girls. The Fashionista girl knows just what makes her the life of any party because of her impeccable sense of style and infectious, energetic personality. For a scent which suits a Fashionista, The ENCHANTEUR PARIS FASHIONISTA begins with zesty top notes of bergamot and passion fruit evokes the moments of fun, frolic and romance in summer. While the heart notes of blossoming jasmine, freesia, and rose. Creating a long lasting scent the ENCHANTEUR PARIS FASHIONISTA ends with a base note of deeply sensuous amber blended perfectly with cedarwood and the seductive musk.


The ENCHANTEUR PARIS GLAM is for girls who are always poised. They project an air of compelling charm, exude confidence and are effortlessly gorgeous. The Glam girl has the combination of fabulous sophistication and youthful glamour that turn heads and steal hearts. ENCHANTEUR PARIS GLAM begins with a romantic composition of intertwining and exciting fruity notes of red berries intermingled with fragrant ripe mangoes and a juicy blend of pineapple and melons. A bouquet of rose, muguet and gardenia forms the most exquisite heart note while the sensual embrace of amber, the warmth of cedarwood and sensual musk creates a base note.


The ENCHANTEUR PARIS PRINCESSE is made for girls who are sweet and lovely. The Princesse girl is naturally irresistible with her easy yet endearing presence and sparkling, delightful nature making her every boy’s crush. ENCHANTEUR PARIS PRINCESSE is a fragrance with luscious rich top notes of apples, gardenia, peach and a heart note which provides an exotic floral bliss with jasmine petals and dewy kisses of freesia. The floral-fruity harmony finishes with chords of French vanilla, pleasant creamy musk and sandalwood for a fragrance befitting a Princesse. 

The ENCHANTEUR Paris 35ml Eau de Toilette bottle size provides convenience for a girl to carry around in her handbag as she can discreetly refresh her scent whenever she wants to. The new collection is now available at all major retail outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets as well as pharmacies and retails at an irresistible RM17.90 per bottle.