Love without passion is to make love a prisoner of the mundane. Passion spins around love and in its very essence represent the deep, intense desire between a man and his woman. The secret touch between a woman and her man, the telling gaze that lingers and the closeness that is shared in the most private of moments make love exhilarating and intoxicating. It is every woman’s desire to be irresistibly desired, to be embraced amorously with passion by her man.

ENCHANTEUR, the No.1 brand in the mass market fragrances category in Malaysia gave birth to ENCHANTEUR LOVE in November 2012, a range of fine fragrances specially dedicated to women who are in a committed relationship. ENCHANTEUR LOVE heralds the brand’s resounding desire to be the perfume that brings alive the celebration of love in every women’s lives. Following its inspirational success, the brand now presents its newest addition to its ENCHANTEUR LOVE range with ENCHANTEUR PASSIONATE LOVE Eau De Toilette, a seductive potion that ignites passion for an intimate love.

Elegantly presented in a striking red glass bottle, ENCHANTEUR PASSIONATE LOVE boldly invites you into a world of passionate and fiery romance. Its dazzling Emerald cut cap sits on top, a stamp of stylish sophistication that perfectly captures a fragrance that is assertive, desirable and simply sensuous. Completed with a red and gold packaging delicately adorned with lace, new ENCHANTEUR PASSIONATE LOVE reflects luxury and sensuality intricately crafted for the goddess in you.

ENCHANTUER PASSIONATE LOVE Eau De Toilette evokes the senses with exhilaratingly juicy whiffs of Sicilian bergamot, wild red berries and lively pink peaches which will induce burning flames of passion in him. Mesmerizing scents of noir crystalline roses and silky violet sets in the heart, awakening his thoughts of her which has conquered his heart. The vibrancy from the blooming scents unveils his heartfelt love and fondness for her. The lingering concoction of exquisite amber and sandalwood then warms every passionate embrace, invoking intimacy with her once again.

The perfume will be an inspiration to those who have long established their love and pulls from the most enticing and unforgettable facets of a strong committed relationship to keep passion alive. This especially holds true for brand ambassadors Sazzy Falak and hubby Nazril Idrus. As their relationship grows, they seek to continuously ignite the passion and love they felt for each other.

ENCHANTEUR PASSIONATE LOVE retails at RM 31.90 per bottle of 50ml Eau de Toilette. ENCHANTEUR products are available at all major outlets, supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.