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22 Oct Stay Fresh and Captivating with ENCHANTEUR PARIS

Young women can now stay fresh and captivating with the launch of yet another fabulous and exciting product to complement the much loved Enchanteur Paris range – the new ENCHANTEUR Paris Deo Body Mist.

ENCHANTEUR Paris Deo Body Mist is specially formulated to provide 24-hours protection against body odour with its signature ENCHANTEUR PARIS scents for all day freshness while smelling absolutely captivating. Ideal for youthful women and social butterflies who enjoy an active lifestyle and are always on the go, this fragranced deo body mist not only keeps one fresh and smelling irresistible, it’s also specially designed with convenience in mind as its pocket-sized and lightweight packaging can be easily slipped into any handbag.

A quick spritz is all it takes to stay absolutely carefree, confident and captivating all day!

ENCHANTEUR PARIS Deo Body Mist comes in 3 delightful ENCHANTEUR PARIS scents – Belle Amour, Mon Amie and Adore. It retails at RM 8.90 and is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.