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13 Apr ENCHANTEUR PARIS – Made To Captivate


ENCHANTEUR Paris is inspired by the inherent beauty of the first burst of spring in the Parisian gardens – from the formal gardens of the Tuileries to the sprawling greens of the Champ de Mars, the atmosphere encapsulate vivacious romance. From this, sprung ENCHANTEURParis, a range of fine fragranced toiletries that embodies the allure, sophistication and romantic appeal of the great city.

Backed by a legacy of 23 years and currently standing as the No.1 brand in the mass market category for fragrances, ENCHANTEUR is proud to introduce ENCHANTEUR Paris which features Eau De Toilette, Body Lotion, and Roll on Deodorants that comes in four mesmerizing fragrances – Belle Amour, Mon Amie, Adore and Captivant.

A designer perfumery creation, the ENCHANTEUR Paris range offers the perfect scent to complement all the different occasions and moods.

Take your pick from:

Belle Amour (Beautiful Love)
A sparkling blend of romance that makes your heart flutter and your senses tickle. A fragrance created with tender loving care from apple melon scent, layered with refreshing blackcurrant top notes, dancing delightfully with voluminous Parisian pink rose petals that captivate your senses. This is the scent that connotes the blossoming of love and romance. A captivating scent worn just for that special loved one.
Mon Amie (My Friend)  
Friendship is one of the most precious elements in a women world. Mon Amie is an inspiration of an intimate friendship between girlfriends who share their hearts and moments together. The creation of this fragrance is a combination of fresh citrus Lemon Orange with Bergamot enhanced with a touch of red apple fruity notches, resting on an enchanting luminous beautiful bouquet of Pink Peonies, watery Roses and white Magnolia surrounded with warm woody amber background. Inspired by sheer happiness, it makes you feel irresistibly charming, highly sociable, vibrant and warm hearted. A light scent just to perk up the day and is most suited for casual outings with friends.
Adore (Adore/Adorable)  
Unique and unforgettable scent that makes you feel like a celebrity. The scents are both flowery and fruity. The first whiff contains a gentle combination of wild jasmine, pink mimosa, violet that blends with sparkling fruity notes of lychee, spiced sugar plum, pomegranate and golden pear. This adorable signature scent evokes a sense of nostalgia of that very first date where you need to exude the charm and confidence while making a lasting impression. A sensual fragrance that last much longer after you are gone. 
And newly introduced in April 2012, 
Captivant (Captivating) New!
A captivating scent that invokes the irresistible charm in every girl. It opens up with the gentle caress of Cassis and Jasmine and Muguet at the top. It then dries down to a heart of juicy apple blended with ripe peaches and leaves a lingering trail of musk and amber. This floral fruity scent celebrates spontaneity, freshness and playful femininity. She enthralls with one sideward glance, one coy smile. Perfect before those potentially romantic encounters when one never knows! 


ENCHANTEUR Paris offers four distinct scents featured across the range of toiletries. Each sweet color denotes a different range with baby pink for Belle Amour, sunny yellow for Mon Amie, soft lilac for Adore and oceanic turquoise for Captivant. ENCHANTEUR Paris retails at RM 26.90 per bottle of 50 ml EDT, RM 14.90 for 300 ml lotion and RM 7.70 for roll on deodorant. It is available at all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies.